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Crowdfunding a teacher

2014 | 1 month
Quinoa School

Spende Lisa website Click the image for full website

Together with an education student I set up a crowdfunding campaign to donate her to a new school in Berlin Wedding.

Quinoa is a school startup in Berlin Wedding, a district where most of the children leave school with low education. Quinoa wants to change that by introducing a new school that teaches children in new ways and mentors them up to 4 years after school.

Lisa is an education student for children with special needs. Our idea was to build up a crowdfunding campaign to donate her to Quinoa school. I designed, drew and implemented a mobile-ready website, using Bootstrap. Furthermore, we created a short video clip, explaining our idea.

Due to various reasons, the campaign could not be started, which is why it cannot be shown here. If you want further information or work proofs regarding this project, please contact me.

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